Enterprise Data Migration


Companies are looking to system and application migration as a cost-effective and less risky road to IT modernization. System consolidation, the adoption of service oriented architectures, the introduction of new applications, and down-sizing for enhanced maintainability are widely used approaches and are being implemented by system integrators, hardware vendors and software companies alike, at a rapid pace. Enterprise Data Migration plays an important role in all such projects.

Data being an organization?s most critical, ubiquitous and essential business asset, it is vital that any migration be carried out without any disruption to data availability. Data Migration is the process of moving, sometimes very large, required volumes of data from existing to new systems. Data migration is an inescapable and major aspect of every application or platform migration project.

Enterprise Data Migration

To maximize productivity and ensure a clean transition from older applications or systems a unifying data migration strategy is needed, one that enables an enterprise to address its business needs in the best way. IKAN´s enterprise data migration solutions offer both large and small organizations a fast, efficient, and cost-effective way to re-deploy data across hardware platforms, applications, and operating systems.

Using a comprehensive set of advanced, automated and proven high performance software tools, IKAN guarantees a smooth data migration process, enabling client companies to standardize and consolidate their IT systems around modern, reliable and more open environments. By automatically converting legacy databases and data, IKAN helps eliminate a company´s reliance on outdated and proprietary technology. Our solutions work with a wide range of mainframe and distributed platforms and keep system down-time to a minimum.


Whatever the technology on which your business currently depends, IKAN provides appropriate expertise by offering support for prevalent operating systems including: z/OS, BS2000, DOS VSE, VMS, UNIX variants including Linux, OS/400 and Windows.

On these operating systems, we support a broad range of databases and structured data formats, such as: IMS, Teradata, IDMS, Informix, DB2, Oracle, Sybase, Adabas, Datacom/DB, Sequential Files, VSAM, QSAM, Delimited Files, XML Files, and also Custom Build.

IKAN´s enterprise data migration solutions provide the ability to deploy new applications faster while dedicating fewer resources to data conversion and migration projects. By leveraging IKAN?s enterprise data migration toolset organizations will benefit from:

  • Reduction in the time and resources required for any migration project
  • Greatly improved control over complex data migration issues
  • Gaining tighter control of budget and time required for migration project
  • Averting costly issues of data redundancies and inconsistencies

In cooperation with selected system integrators, hardware suppliers and software partners, IKAN delivers full data migration support.


With a deep and broad experience in migrating mission-critical data and databases, and with a tried and proven methodology by which to do it, IKAN gives you the confidence that your data migration project will succeed on-time and on-budget, retaining full business logic and data integrity, together with complete audit trail and change tracking documentation, ensuring minimal downtime, and maximum end-user transparency.

Building on our successful track record in the migration of critical data IKAN?s enterprise data migration service uses proven best practice to deliver a comprehensive, high-quality service including:

  • Design of a data migration strategy to suit your specific requirements
  • Set-up of the architecture for testing of data migration routines, including all necessary interfaces
  • Undertaking and completion of needed data mapping
  • Development of data load, import and data conversion routines
  • Creation of a data migration project plan
  • Provision of technical training and support
  • Provision of data migration resources for all roles, responsibilities, skills and commitments.

Our team includes highly qualified experts experienced in the migration of various kinds of databases. Hiring them to manage your database conversion process, partially or in full, will save you much time and considerably reduce your expenses. IKAN provides you with comprehensive management and implementation of your entire data migration project and, if desired, can do so on a fixed-price basis.

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