Buma Stemra

Logo Buma Stemra Buma/Stemra is the organization which protects the interests of composers, lyricists and music publishers in the Netherlands. Buma deals with music publishing, whereas Stemra focuses on the issues of music recording and copying.

To allow integrating and streamlining practically all front and back office functions, Buma/Stemra decided to replace their old Siemens BS2000 mainframe with IDMS database with a solution based on Microsoft Axapta and Oracle Database.

To migrate their existing data, a preliminary study indicated that a customized development for this migration was not only fairly costly, but also risky, and that a standard data migration and conversion tool could provide a better solution. After a comprehensive selection procedure, Buma/Stemra selected MetaSuite for this challenging task. read the full customer story.

Delta NV

Logo Delta Delta NV is a multi-utility company located in Middelburg, The Netherlands. It offers a broad range of services and quality products including gas, water, electricity and internet with annual sales of EUR 1.040 million.

Due to the liberalization of the energy market, another way to manage the organization including IT was needed. Delta wanted to migrate data held in a variety of formats, including IMS and VSAM in the propriety IBM mainframe system, to an Oracle database system. To extract and transform these huge amounts of data, Delta used the MetaSuite data extraction and transformation software. For more detail, please read the full customer story.

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