As IKAN we recognize that the current data integration needs are growing at an incredible pace. Current data integration scenarios include the following:

  • The extraction from operational databases for supporting business intelligence initiatives and data warehousing
  • Support for master data initiatives to consolidate and rationalize customer, product or employee data
  • Replacement of legacy applications or helping with data consolidation during mergers and acquisitions
  • Data sharing between different enterprises, where both data provisioning and reception must be supported

In a nutshell this means that MetaSuite can be used for a variety of tasks, ranging from simple data extractions to a complex data migration projects. It will assist you with the generation of representative samples which need to be anonymized and it can help you with the investigation of data quality to support information governance programs, master data management initiatives and application modernization efforts.

A more detailed overview of MetaSuite can be found in our product section.

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