All over the world, governments have privacy laws. Violation of these laws can not only lead to huge fines (millions of dollars), but also to huge reputation damage, which is another reason for having test data management.

A survey indicates that, when creating test data, about two-thirds of organizations make a full copy of their production environment. Not only do full copies consume expensive storage space, but they are also time-consuming, both in computer time and lead time. Besides the disk space, one shouldn’t forget the associated management cost of handling these large volumes of test data: examples are back-up and disaster recovery costs.

If for every test you will use all production data, it is obvious that testing will take longer and will consume more computer time and resources, but also more time of your people. Generating test data is a simple process with MetaSuite: with MetaStore you collect the definitions of your source data in one simple GUI-driven step, with MetaMap you define how you want to sample your data and, by using predefined functions, you can mask the fields you want. Next, you can Generate and run the program with just one-click.

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