Metasuite is the most powerful software solution that enables organizations to gain access to the information that is hidden in the large amounts of operational data that reside in their business applications.

A key element in today’s decision making, information about a business’ customers, suppliers and competitors needs to be available to the right people in the right format at the right moment. Current solutions that access, move, integrate and forward the huge volumes of transaction data that decision support requires, are often limited in their capabilities. Many business users are finding these solutions to be inadequate either in content, accessibility, usability, and performance or in their ability to bring together data from many disparate systems.

Based on standard technologies, Metasuite was specifically designed to perform even the largest and most complex data retrieval, data conversion, and data integration jobs.

Metasuite offers:

  • One solution for handling all data integration functions
  • Native database support
  • Support to move data from any source to any target
  • Support to move data from simple to highly complex data structures
  • Multi-Platform support
  • Superior processing performance
  • Simplified maintenance, as routine changes require only minor adjustments
  • A short learning curve
  • Scalability
  • Reporting and audit facilities

Key benefits

  • Integration of information from anywhere in the enterprise
  • A uniform format of information, i.e. a single version of the truth
  • Timely access to vital information
  • Distribution of knowledge throughout the enterprise
  • Flexibility to support the changing need of information
  • Easy access to information about the data stored in a warehouse, both for end-users and database professionals.

Data extraction and transformation done better

When organizations need to access, move, integrate and forward very large volumes of data, they are looking for solutions to perform these tasks in a fast, easy and reliable way. Ideally, they would like to have just one single solution to cover:

  • Data Conversions
  • Data Migrations
  • Creating and maintaining Data Warehouses / Data Marts
  • Creating and maintaining Operational Data Stores

Metasuite is that single solution, as it contains the functionality to:

  • Migrate very large volumes of data from operational systems to any target platform or to a data warehouse, data mart or ODS
  • Convert and transform the data prior to storage in a database
  • Build, run and maintain the routines to process these large data volumes

With Metasuite any data integration routine can be rapidly deployed to supply a quick response to ever changing information needs. Next to offering a low cost of ownership, MetaSuite also frees overburdened mainframes from analysis tasks, and helps to promote the use of third party analysis and reporting tools.

Single-pass architecture for superior processing performance

Metasuite provides a unique, single-pass processing architecture for maximum efficiency and superior performance of data extraction and data migration, rather than having to process source data multiple times for various selection criteria. This single-pass architecture allows a single program to:

  • Process multiple sources within the same single process
  • Process multiple records within a source
  • Create multiple targets, leading to:
    • Reduction of the time required for extraction, so that the batch window can be shrunk even when data volumes increase
    • Reduction of CPU usage leading to a reduction of operating costs
    • Simplification of the scheduling process, because less programs need to be scheduled and managed

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