IKAN’s company history goes back to the late eighties when IKAN started as a European distributor for US-based software companies. Over the years IKAN represented, among others, the following industry leaders: Bachman Information Systems (data modeling, IBM AD/Cycle partner), Carleton Corp (IBM Information Warehouse partner for Data Extraction), Serena (mainframe ALM).

To provide its customers with real solutions, and not just products, IKAN started developing add-ons. Accompagnied by training, implementation services and consultancy.

  • A link between the Bachman products and the IBM mainframe repository
  • An ALM solution for IBM CSP and CA IDMS for Change Man of Serena
  • The development of a PC based GUI for the Carleton mainframe product

In the late Nineties, IKAN decided to start developing its own products. Based on the latest insights and using the latest technology. IKAN strongly believes in open solutions, capable of interacting with other products in the field. Since then, IKAN has been developing 3 major products:

  • A mainframe ETL solution (MetaSuite)
  • An ALM 2.0 compliant ALM solution (IKAN ALM)
  • A data modeling suite (CWD4ALL)

In 2008, IKAN received an offer from the Oracle Corporation to buy CWD4ALL which is now fully owned and marketed by Oracle under the name Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler.

Today, IKAN continuously aims to innovate and to improve its products, and to provide solutions that completely fit its customers’ needs, integrating their existing processes and tools.

To learn more about our product set, refer to the section Product.

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